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Mr. Behring Visited BMNH for a Second Time This Year


On November 9, Mr. Behring paid his second visit to BMNH in this year, further consolidating his relationship with our institute. BMNH leaders think highly of Mr. Behring's contribution and discussed with him about future cooperation.

On his last trip to Beijing, Mr. Behring has visited the Exhibition on the Beauty of Animals in BMNH and noticed that the exhibits need maintenance. Director Meng, together with other leaders in BMNH, made a plan to refurbish the exhibition. Regarding the new exhibition, Director Meng sought council from Mr. Bhering about what features should be preserved, what should be upgraded, and what new elements should be added.

During this visit, Mr. Behring presented his gifts of Maasai artifacts to our museum. Those precious gifts will be incorporated in future exhibitions on the natural beauty in Africa to showcase the relationship between human beings and the nature. Mr. Behring also offered to donate in the near future another batch of about 50 wild animal specimens.

Both parties agree to work closely on a whole lot of new projects in future.




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