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BMNH Investigation Trip to Qinling Mountain Natural Reserve


Organized by BMNH club, the investigation trip to Qinling Mountain Natural Reserve completed with success.

During the five days from 27 October to 31 October, the investigation team comprised of 20 BMNH club members and volunteer workers visited the hinterland of the Qinling Mountain to carry out a survey on the conditions of its wildlife and ecosystem, with an expert from the Foping Natural Reserve guiding them throughout the whole process, and later traveled to Xi’an city.

At Dapingyu Wild Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Station, the team members witnessed the living conditions of about 60 those golden monkeys belonging to three tribes and learned about the habits of the monkeys and status quo of their protection.

At the Nature and Human Gallery of Foping County, the members were thrilled to look at the only specimen of a brown Giant Panda in the world. They were privileged to see dozens of indigenous specimens, providing them with an intimate knowledge of the biodiversity ofQinlingMountainand arming them with knowledge for later investigation on walk. 

From 28 October to 29 October, the members walked almost 20 kilometers to track and observe wild Giant Pandas. They were satisfied to see the charmingly na?ve Giant Pandas in spite of the dangers to traverse the abysmal canyons, wild forests and swift currents.

In the remaining two days, they toured around inXi’ancity to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Hanyang Tombs. The cultural significance in this historical city was extremely impressive.

No doubt that the members have taken lots of wonderful photos through the trip. In order to share the results of the investigation, BMNH is planning to curate an exhibition with those pictures.

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