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Fairies in the Age of Dinosaurs Unveiled BMNH Exhibition on Insect Fossils


The exhibition on Insect fossils, titled Fairies in the Age of Dinosaurs, unveiled in BMNH. With almost 400 insect fossils and detailed explanatory plates, the evolution of insects, the characteristics of 17 orders and the significance of insects as pollinators are expounded. The exhibition will last to the end of 2011.

The Mesozoic era is known as the age of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs prospered on the earth for a long period, but there’s a much more resilient group of creatures that not only witnessed the rise and demise of dinosaurs but also watched the life story of human beings. They are insects and they have survived all trials in the last 400 million years. Humans are simply not senior enough to observe their long evolutionary process which continues in modern times, but fossils can directly offer a glimpse into their existence and development in Earth’s history.

The exhibition excels in delivering the story of those Mesozoic creatures that once lived with vigor and became eternal existence within their stone tombs. Facing the remains of those long-gone fairies, we can palpably feel that their spirits connect with every other life form in spite of the shifted time and space.




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