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BMNH Mobile Dome Theater Debuted


On August 7, 2011, the mobile dome theater imported from Field Discovery Company made its first run and was well accepted by the kids.

At the moment the theater can display two stereoscopic films. One is the Oceans in the Outer Space about 30 minutes long; the other is the Wild Flight on Earth which lasts about 20 minutes. Sitting or lying inside the dome theater, the kids watched the films with great interest, and marveled at such scenes as an asteroid crashing into the earth, the dinosaurs roaring wildly and the leaf flying with the wind.

The dome theater will be tour around Beijingand in other provincial areas after the debut so that it becomes more accessible to the audience in remote areas.

The employment of the dome theater is BMNH’s another measure to enhance the science communication efficiency and allow more people to understand science with the newly development audio and visual techniques. In future, BMNH will design more popular science activities and appliances to satisfy the public need for scientific information.




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