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Salute to the Former Soldiers in BMNH


August 1 of 2011 celebrates the 84th Army Day. Among BMNH staff eight are veterans who committed themselves to front-line hard work in BMNH after they accomplished their service in the army. The BMNH Labor Union is really honored to present this special report to commemorate this day for them.

The soldiers are a respectable group who has functioned as the backbone for a peaceful nation and the cornerstone for people’s happy life. Through the wars, they have fought bloody battles fearlessly in spite of the deadly bullets, won the national independence and protected the dignity of the people; and in this peaceful era, they hold the weapons vigilantly and guard the stability of the country. The soldiers stand upright and are ready to combat any invasive powers.

The eight veterans in BMNH originally served in different units of the armed forces and they are now working closely as colleagues in BMNH. With their fortitude and discipline, they are strict with themselves, bear tender solitude towards others, excelled in protecting the property of the museum and communicating science to the public and assume a positive influence with the museum workers.

Like the Great Wall that is indestructible, the spirit of the soldiers will prevail. On this Army Day, BMNH salutes the laudable veteran soldiers.


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