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BMNH Made Donations to Beijing Guan’ai School


On July 18, BMNH brought a large bundle of writing materials, about 300 children’s books, 600 plus popular science magazines and some articles for children use to Beijing Guan’ai School. These were all donated by BMNH staff to help students from poor families. The students and teachers at Guan’ai School were very glad for those books would allow students to indulge in reading for quite a while.

Beijing Guan’ai School, located at Zhangjiawan County of Tongzhou District, is home and school to 105 children from all across the country. The school was founded in 2003 by Mr. Shi Qinghua to provide a safe refuge for homeless (often orphaned) maimed and underprivileged dropouts. In order to make the children feel like a family, Guan’ai School strives to make itself a home-like institution and volunteers and teachers there raises and educates each child with great care like loving parents.

BMNH is a science communication base extremely popular among children. We are happy for those who can come to visit the museum with their parents or teachers, and we have been very keen to invite children living a harsher life to visit the museum and get inspired and heartened by the knowledge available here. In recent years, BMNH has organized various activities to involve children from poor families for we believe, as a natural science museum, BMNH must provide an access to science for all kids.  

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