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2011 Beijing Geology and Geomorphy Science Camp Concluded Successfully


Between July 14 and July 20, 2011 Beijing Geology and Geomorphy Science Camp, sponsored by the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) and undertaken by Beijing Museum of Natural History (BMNH), was carried out on time after two preceding successful sessions in 2009 and 2010.

The members of 2011 Camp were comprised of students fromMacaoand Chinese mainland. Among them, 39 students aging from 15 to 17 were recruited from Macao and 14 children aging from 14 to 15 were students fromBeijingYucaiSchool. Liang Baofeng, General Secretary of STDF was appointed the camp leader.

Ms. Li Jianwen, BMNH Deputy Director attended to the opening ceremony and, after the ceremony, BMNH researcher Dr. Li Jianjun gave a lecture on Earth Plate Movement and Earthquake.

Since July 15, the camp members visited such natural science museums and geological museums such as BMNH, the Geological Museum of China and theQuaternaryGlacierMuseum. Awesome dinosaurs like the Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis and Sinosauropteryx, fabulous national treasures such as gems and jades, as well as the Quaternary glacier site were all extremely impressive displays for the camp members.

Guided by BMNH researcher Drs. Wang Wenli and Li Jianjun in succession, the camp members carried out research in National Silicified Wood Geological Park at Yanqing County, Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Silver Fox Cave Geological Park at Fangshan County and geological ruins and plant fossils at Mentougou County, and became aware of the long geological transformation history and the rich suburban geological and geomorphic resources of Beijing. And when excavating silicified plants atFangshanCounty, most members were thrilled by their findings and experienced the joys and frustrations in the geological research.

Apart from the above activities, the camp members were also invited to visit the national key labs in China National Petroleum Corporation and learned about the functions of the labs from the Ph.D. candidates there. 









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