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Get-Together Party for Animals


The special explanation carried out on July 23 of 2011 was the last session of the two-month program and provide a happy and nice memory for the visitors, the excellent senior volunteer docent Bai Xi worked out the thematic activity for this session with special care. Entitled ‘Mother & Baby’, the activity meant to involve all participants and visitors in a journey of love. 


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Ms. Bai Xi, a retired teacher, has excelled herself to deliver explanation in BMNH. She was the lead docent in this activity and made an overall design of performances weaved deliberately with interesting scientific information. Many volunteers acted as lovely animals in the activity, such as the calm ‘ostrich chick’, the active ‘whale baby’, the amiable ‘cichlid mother’ and the humorous ‘seahorse father’. Their wonderful performance was able to put the viewers in the world of adorable animals. 

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At this very last session of the special explanation series, the participants could resolve quizzes to win souvenirs and play roles in the Get-Together Party. And those who had participated all six sessions of the program were awarded exquisite T-shirts as a token of appreciation for their support.

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‘Get-Together Party for Animals’ is also the title of the rap song volunteer Qi Ji composed especially for this activity. The rhythmic rap summarizes the program’s experience and calls for everyone to deliver the message to protect the animals and the nature in a lively and interesting way. The volunteers who acted as animals came to meet the visitors and told stories about the experience. Their enthusiastic performance won recognition and accolade from all viewers.  





The two-month special explanation program ended in a festive atmosphere. The volunteers have worked hard through the period, but they feel very satisfied and enriched.

The success of the program and the public praise bring great pride to the volunteers and the museum. And at the same time, the volunteers have shown that they are quite valuable assets to public educational programs.

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