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Treasure Hunt in the Museum


On the night of July 23, 2011, 18 children aged from five to ten participated in the first session of this summer holiday’s ‘Treasure Hunt in the Museum’ program with their parents.

Divided into four search teams, the participants started their search for treasures in the BMNH galleries with the help of the treasure maps.

Through the search journey, the team members had to overcome quite a few snags and challenges. Finally, with the help of their parents, the children were able to find some possible treasures.

Holding their hard won treasures tightly, the children waited for their turn to seek the experts’ evaluation. And some treasures were determined to be phony or junk items by the experts. After some minute analysis with the experts, the children and their parents finally realized the true value of their findings. As a matter of fact, to seek truth one must go through unexpected difficulties and correct some misunderstandings along the way.

When everyone’s treasure was properly appraised, the children set up their camp tents with their parents in the territory of dinosaurs and fell asleep.  

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