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Mr. Behring Visits BMNH


On July 19, 2011, Mr. Behring together with several of his senior executives paid a visit to BMNH to check the exhibitions and the construction of BMNH’s new wing and held talks on future cooperation with BMNH leaders.

Accompanied by Director Meng Qingjin and Deputy Director Li Jianwen, Mr. Behring visited the Beauty of Animals, a permanent BMNH exhibition whose exhibits are mainly donated trophies from Mr. Behring. The gallery was very crowded and people liked the exhibition very much. Mr. Behring was impressed by the popularity of the exhibition and smiled radiantly when several children extended their friendly hands to him.

Mr. Meng said that Mr. Behring’s generous donation of trophy animals to Chinese museums since 2003 starting with DalianMuseumof Natural History was deeply appreciated and his support for BMNH greatly propelled the development of BMNH science communication programs. Mr. Meng also shared information about the construction of BMNH’s new wing and sought Mr. Behring’s opinion on the different conceptual designs.

Mr. Behring was very keen on the construction process and the display scale and design of the animal exhibits in the new venue. He suggested that the design fully incorporate the newly developed sound, light and electrical techniques to reconstruct the wild habitats of animals so that the viewers could better grasp the relationship between humans and nature. Mr. Behring said he was very glad to continue the operation with BMNH and would like to endow BMNH with more trophy specimens and provide support for the construction of BMNH’s new wing.




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