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Green Travel in Beijing Hutongs and Imperial Mansions


On July 18, BMNH volunteers from Hong Kong and Macao universities visited the Prince Kung’s Mansion and the Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling. Organized by the Science Communication Department in BMNH, the activity allowed the volunteers to experience the special culture of hutongs and princely mansions in a green and healthy way.



Riding bicycles along the Shichahai lakes, an area where the traditional Beijing lifestyle and sceneries are well preserved, the volunteers saw the tricycles, glazed tiles, the famousYindingBridge, specialty shops in the hutongs, and residents exercising at the Hou Hai lake shore, and breathed the fresh air under the willows. They were entranced by the peacefulness of the scenery and the ordinary people’s daily life in the morning.

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In the Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling and the Prince Kung’s Mansion, BMNH volunteers were warmly received by the volunteers there and, through exchange with the volunteers there, learned stories and facts about the two princely mansions. In the Prince Kung’s Mansion, in particular, they gladly participated in a quiz.

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The activity is very meaningful to the volunteers. It helped them to know Beijing better and brought joy to their spare time during their short stay inBeijing.

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